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Dear Sellers – Following space is created to enrich your learning’s about Safe & Successful selling on Printrust. You will find below a list of useful topics which will augment your journey as a seller from a novice to an expert Seller, from setting up your shop till becoming a Successful Seller. At the same time it will list down guidelines and policies you need to follow to enjoy smooth ride of your Printrust journey. We call it “The Printrust Seller Manual.” We will keep adding the topics on this page on regular basis. If you feel some critical topic is missing here, please forward your suggestions to contactus@printrust.com


Guidelines For Products Allowed On Printrust

Printrust is India's 1st e-commerce media-buying marketplace wherein any products or services under the following verticals can be listed - Print, OOH, Magazine, Newspaper, Television, Radio, Cinema, Digital, Mobile


Copyright Policy

Copyright is the protection given to certain original works of authorship, including text, logos, pictures, music, etc. The owner of a copyright holds the exclusive right to duplicate, distribute and create derivative works from his work. Copyright is a legal concept, enacted by most governments, giving the creator of the original content / images / work exclusive rights to it. Copying, modifying and possibly linking to content created by others could expose you to legal liability. If you copy someone else's text or original photograph, or copy text or photographs from any other place, you may be infringing someone's copyright. They may be able to request the ending of your item listing.


Dispute Resolution Process

Most of the times our buyers would have a good buyer experience,but sometimes problems can occur. We advise and encourage buyers to communicate with the sellers about the problem. We at Printrust believe that our sellers would do their best in resolving buyer issues as customer satisfaction is prime priority for us and our sellers. In rare case if your problem is not resolved directly with the seller, you have Printrust's Dispute Resolution Centre. Printrust's Dispute Resolution Centre is an online communication tool that can help buyers raise their concern on bad / poor experience related to a transaction. Sellers / Buyers can track, manage, resolve, or close any existing disputes through this platform. All information posted in this tool will be accessible anytime by the seller or buyer, and Printrust Customer Support.


Guidelines For Good Listing

Title should contain the category, product name, and any other specification used. Currently we see items live which miss the product line, for instance a necklace listed with title as banner stand. It does not say that it’s a Rollup Banner Standee, hence impacting keyword search on our site as well as SEO. Selling Rollup Standee without specifying in title that it’s an Rollup Standee is definitely not going to show up these items in key word search – by far the largest contributor to sale as compared to category navigation.


Sell Effectively On Printrust Products

What kinds of goods that sells faster on Printrust ?

It is easier to sell goods,which belong to categories like Print, OOH, Magazine, Newspaper, Television, Radio, Cinema, Digital, Mobile Price.


What kinds of Prices & How do I price ?


Checklist For Setting Up One's Shop On Printrust

Will your Shop Name help promote you? Is your shop name easy to remember, spell, and say? Have you filled out your location? Does your profile tell your story? Do your Shop Title and Announcement contain good search keywords?


Training Video

This video will take you through a brief training on how you can list your items on printrust.com through your vendor panel. It will also explain inventory management


How to Get Found in Search

Getting found in search may seem daunting, but all it takes is a little know-how. Basically, think like a buyer — use descriptive phrases that they might search to find your item in your listings' titles and tags. Labeling your listing with great keywords is the best way to get buyers to your item from search – both on Printrust, and from search engines like Google. This article will give you a list you can use for brainstorming keywords.


How to Write Enticing Item Descriptions

So you’ve led your buyer into your item listing with effective search mechanism. Now that you have their attention, how can you glue them on your item page? How can you entice them to buy? The right way with words will help your buyer add your items to their shopping cart with confidence! Optimize your shop with the following three tips for effective and descriptive prose in your product listings

Step 1: Brainstorm Keywords and Phrases

Step 2: Apply Search Terms to Your Listings

Step 3: Make Sure It's Working


Let Photos Do the Talking

When you sell your products or services online, photos are vitally important to your success. Without a physical item to touch and look at, your customers rely on your pictures as their tactile experience. Nothing will turn away a customer faster than a blurry photo with inscrutable details. Luckily, there are many solutions to this common frustration that can help you achieve a sharp, crisp, and alluring photo.