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Posters are printed paper boards materials frequently used by advertisers to effectively communicate and promote events or offers

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A poster is any piece of printed paper designed to be glued to a wall or vertical surface. Posters usually include both textual and graphic elements, although a poster can be full of text or graphics. Either way posters are designed to be both eye catching and informative. They are a frequent tool of advertisers particularly for events

There are a variety of ways to communicate with your target audience, but one of the most effective way is by using large posters that can clearly display your message. When used correctly, posters can attract attention of people and make them aware of a product, service or a event that they are not aware of. This ability to pull in people’s attention can have a huge advantage for small to medium businesses, looking to create brand awareness

Many printing techniques are used to produce posters. While most posters are mass-produced, posters can also be personally printed using online services. Most posters are printed on one side and left blank on the back which sticks to the wall

Poster printings can be laminated with matte or glossy finish to prevent from fading. This lamination finish will also add durability to the posters

The advantages of using posters are:
• COSTS - Creating and distributing posters is a much cheaper form of advertising than radio or print
• VISIBILITY - Specific locations can be targeted for your posters to increase brand visibility in that area
• ACTIVE RESPONSE – It send a clear message that inspires people to be active
• TARGET AUDIENCE - Putting them up in the locations where your target audience is located, increases the chance of a positive response

The benefit of a poster is that it an effective and efficient way to get people involved with your chosen message. A great poster design spread across target locations can pay huge dividends

Things to remember while designing your promotional posters are:
• Simple design
• Easy colour
• Pleasant background colour
• Easy to understand
• Poster reading time
• Correct resolution and font
• Good headline
• The give away message


Q1. What are the applications of Posters?

Ans: Posters are most widely used to promote Events, Sale Offers, Bulletin Messages, Etc

Q2. What are File Upload Specifications?

Ans: CMYK Format, 300 DPI Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PDF

Q3. What are the standard size for a Posters?

Ans: Standard Posters can be A4, A3

Q4. Can I design my Posters myself?

Ans: Yes. Printrust is coming up with an online Design maker tool for customers to choose from a list of standard lanyards design samples of their own choices

Q5. Do I have to pay for using the online design tool?

Ans: No. Printrust offers the online deign creator free of cost

Q6. What should I do if I don't have the print file?

Ans: You can choose to create or make fresh artwork from our professional design services or Upload your existing Print artwork Online while configuring the print services

Q7. What are the allied print products?

Ans: Standard Visiting Cards, Gloss Laminated Business Card, Matte Laminated Business Card, Textured Business Cards, Metallic Business Cards, Synthetic Business Card, Rounded Cut Business Card, Standard Letter Head, Standard Certificates, Engraving Pen, Premium Letter Head, Premium Certificates, Table Tent Cards, Gift Vouchers, Badges, Bottle, Acrylic Table Stands


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