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1.          Order Tracking and Delivery

1.1          How can I check my order status?

                You can check the status of your order by clicking "Track Your Order".

1.2          How do I know my order is confirmed?

                We will send you an email upon order confirmation. You can also check the status of your order by clicking 'Track Your Order'

1.3          What are the different statuses in My Orders?

                The different statuses on My Orders are: 

                PENDING: Your order is placed

                PROCESSING: Your order is being processed

                DISPATCHED: Your item has been handed over to the courier

                DELIVERED: Your item has been delivered

                CANCELLED: Your order has been cancelled

                RETURNED: You have returned your item and received refund

1.4          Can I change my delivery address after I place an order?

                You can change your address any time before your item is shipped from My Orders. Once we ship it the address can't be changed. You can also check the status of your order by clicking "Track Your Order". 

1.5          Can I open and check the contents of my package before accepting delivery?

                Currently, this option is not available for all Printrust purchases. It is only available for some items.

1.6          Why is the status on the courier's website different from My Orders?

                The information in My Orders is accurate and up to date. We will send you an email and SMS whenever there is any update on your order.

1.7          Why is there a delivery date range?

                Most of our orders get delivered within a 2 to 3 days across Chennai. We give a delivery date range to show you the maximum days in which your item will be delivered. Check the status of the order by clicking                 ‘Track Your Order’.

1.8          Which courier will deliver my item?

                We use a network of trustworthy partners based on their speed to pick your item from the seller and deliver it to you.

1.9          Are there shipping and delivery charges for my order?

                Shipping and delivery charges may apply depending on the item you purchased, the price and your location. You can find these charges on the item's information page.

1.10        What if my package is opened/tampered with?

                If you feel that your package was opened/ tampered with, please don't accept delivery. Please cancel the order in My Orders. We will confirm your cancellation request.

1.11        Why did I receive a partial order?

                This could be because:

                - You have a single order with many items, that could have been shipped separately

                - You only have a single item order.

                If an item is missing from a set or combo, please get in touch with us at contactus@printrust.com

1.12        Delivery was attempted but I was unavailable. What next?

                Don't worry, we'll call you to check when you are available to accept the delivery. Our courier will also try to attempt to deliver your order over next 2 days. In case you're unable to respond to our calls, you can                   submit your delivery preference on My Orders

1.13        The order status is 'Delivered' but I have not received it. What should I do?

                Check with your neighbor/ front desk, etc. if someone accepted the package. If no one accepted delivery, write to us at contactus@printrust.com

1.14        Can I club my orders from different sellers to be delivered together?

                Sellers could be located in different locations. We want your items to reach you at the earliest, so we ship them separately.

1.15        Can I schedule the delivery of my order per my availability?

                Yes you can. Our courier will call you when your order is out for delivery. Please let him know if you wish to reschedule.

1.16        What happens to undelivered orders?

                We attempt delivery many times. If undelivered, we will initiate refund. 

1.17        Do you ship internationally?

                Currently we do not deliver items internationally


2.          Return/ Replacement

2.1          How can I return/replace an item?

                Due to the nature of the print products, no returns can be made once the order is processed and/or shipped. Any claims for defects, damages, or shortages, buyer shall directly contact seller or the manufacturer


3.          Payment

3.1          What are the different modes of payment available?

                You can use any one of the following payment methods:

                - Credit card

                - Debit card

                - Net Banking

3.2          My transaction failed but the money is deducted from my account. What should I do?

                Don't worry, it will be reversed instantly. You can check your account balance to confirm.

3.3          I would like another copy of my invoice. How can I get one?

                Go to My Orders, select the relevant item and click on 'Get Invoice'


4.          Add-ons, Promos & Reviews

4.1          How to use a Promo code?

                To use a promo code

                - Choose your item and proceed to payment

                - Enter the code on the 'Review Order' page on the website or the 'Payment' page on our website

                Discount will be applied immediately


5.          Cancellation

5.1          How can I cancel my order?

                Choose the relevant order, Click on Cancel Order Button, select the reason and submit to initiate cancellation.

5.2          Why was my order cancelled?

                If you cancelled your order, the status would show as Order Cancelled. In rare scenario, if Printrust cancels your order, we will refund your money back. 

5.3          How will I get a refund for an item I cancelled?

                If you already paid for your order, we will refund the money in the original mode of payment.

5.4          Can I cancel part of my order?

                Yes, if you placed an order with many items, you can cancel delivery for each of them. But if it is part of a combo or clubbed with another item, the entire set/combo will be cancelled.

5.5          Can I cancel my order anytime before delivery?

                You can cancel your order only if the Status of your order is ‘Pending’. Go to My Orders and click on 'Cancel' next to the relevant item.

5.6          Why can't I cancel a particular item?

                When you are order status is ‘Processing’ it means that the Seller has already started processing your order and due to the nature of print products, order cannot be cancelled post processing.


6.          Refund

6.1          What are the different modes of refund available?

                Refunds are made to the original modes of payment for:

                - Credit cards

                - Debit cards

                - Net banking

6.2          When can I expect refund for my cancelled order?

                If you cancelled the order, it might take upto 6 business days to initiate the refund

6.3          How can I submit my bank's NEFT details if the link in the email does not work?

                Don't worry! Write to us with your complete bank NEFT details at contactus@printrust.com


7.          Managing Accounts & Alert

7.1          I don't remember my password. Help!

                Follow these steps to reset your password:

                - Click on Login in the drop down menu of 'Account'

                - Select the 'Mobile number or email' button

                - Click on 'Forgot password?'

                - Enter your registered e-mail address or mobile number and we will send you a security code to reset your password

                - Enter the code and set a new password

7.2          What should I do if I have trouble with logging in?

                Try this:

                - Check your login details. Your email address is your user name

                - If you forgot your password or it's not working, reset it using 'Forgot Password' link on the sign-in page

                - Ensure that your web browser accepts cookies

                - If the site is down, please log in again after some time

                If you are still unable to login, please 'CONTACT CUSTOMER CARE'.

7.3          Can Printrust use my account without my knowledge?

                Not at all! We ensure that you get a secure and safe shopping environment always.

7.4          What if I don't want to receive promotional emails?

                You can unsubscribe from these emails by clicking the 'Unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the emails. However, you will continue to receive important order-related updates.


8.          Seller Support

8.1          I want to sell my items on Printrust. Who do I get in touch with?

                Go to our website/app and click on 'Sell on Printrust'. Fill in your details and we'll get in touch with you.