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Artwork Templates

The template details for creating the artwork print ready file are given below for each product

Template info:

  • Remove template crop and safe area lines from the artwork before submitting to print order.
  • ----- red line is the cutting line where final product will cut.
  • ----- green line is safe margin line, do not place your design / copy out of this line.
  • You may flow your background design till bleeds size of the artwork template.


Preferred format:

Press Ready PDF, all fonts and linked images embedded.

Alternative format:  

EPS, all fonts converted to paths and linked images embedded
TIFF, minimum 300dpi, preferred 450dpi
PSD, minimum 300dpi, with all layers preserved and fonts included with upload

Artwork Color:



Artwork Instructions

Print Artwork Uploading Procedure (Supplying Artwork)

Below points will help your to create print ready file from your artwork.

CDR File format

While submitting your artwork with CDR file format, make sure it is completed with following way

  • Curve Font: All the font must be converted in to artwork
  • File Resolution: Your artworks should be provided with High Resolution (300dpi) with included the used images in artwork
  • Images and Font Color: All images and font must be in CYMK or pantone color shade


PDF File format

For better results we would like some points to come to your notice. These points are significant from the view of quality printing production. Please keep following options in mind for preparing the print ready file for your printing job

  • Resolution: Your artworks should be provided with High Resolution (300dpi)
  • Compression Settings: Set the option of "Auto Compression" on maximum level and down sampled these setting to 300dpi for color and grayscale
  • Font Embedding: All the fonts should be embedded with the help of option "Embed All Fonts"

NOTE: Color needs to be set as CMYK not RGB (RGB artwork will be converted to CMYK and this could affect your colors)

Illustrator Format

Before uploading an illustrator file artwork

  • Images that have been used should be embedded
  • Whole text should be converted into curves
  • Save the work as EPS file


Photoshop Format

Before uploading a Photoshop file artwork

  • High Resolution Artwork (300dpi)
  • Save it in either TIFF or JPEG

NOTE: If you need us to make changes to your file (JPEG / EPS), we will require you to re-supply new artwork as either a PSD, PDF or all files as we will be unable to make changes to flattened images (JPEG / EPS / TIFF)

Microsoft documents

We do not use the following formats for printing:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Publisher
  • PowerPoint
  • Works


Artwork Bleed

Your artwork in any of the above formats should have one thing in common and i.e. every design must have at least 3mm been around it. This would help us for exact cutting purposes. Please note that there is a 3mm tolerance for cutting on all offset printing jobs.

Please ensure that the color is set to CMYK not RGB

These are the guidelines that will help you with a quick and better work of yours that will be pursued by us. Still if you feel some doubt or confusion anywhere, please don't hesitate to call us or drop email us on our email address (support@printrust.com)


Before printing, we would require complete details from your side. Also your artwork should contain crop marks around which will help us to print your actual design.

Other files, that we are not supporting you may give us with saved either as a JPEG, PDF or EPS file format.